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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Why would I want a Lawn Sprinkler?

We could tell you it saves water!

We could tell you it makes your landscape look and grow better!

We could tell you it saves you time!

We could tell you it can save your foundation!

Selecting a Contractor

***By Texas law it is illegal to advertise and sell irrigation services without a valid irrigation license issued by TCEQ and the homeowner can be held responsible for illegal installations***​

Important questions to ask before you chose your irrigation contractor:


1. Do you personally hold a current Texas irrigation and backflow license or does your company plan on subbing out to a licensed irrigator?

Billy Jack has both an irrigation and a backflow,  here is the link to check the license which is held under William Marks


2. Does your company have a service repair truck that will come back for possible warranty, add-ons or follow up repairs?

Billy Jack Sprinkler has 2 service trucks


3. Do you personally know how to repair and install a sprinkler system or are you a salesman?

Billy Jack Sprinkler has the knowledge to install and repair any sprinkler


4. How long have you been in business and what is your rating with the Better Business Bureau

Billy Jack Sprinkler has been in the business for 20+ years and has an A+ rating with the BBB


5. Can you provide references in the area?

Billy Jack Sprinkler has a long reference list provided in the bid packet


6. Are you local and how quickly are you able to respond to a warranty issue?

Billy Jack Sprinkler is local and will respond within 1-2 days with any warranty issue. 


7. How long is your warranty?

Billy Jack Sprinkler provides a 3 year warranty on new sprinkler installations. 

Do I Need a Rain/Freeze Sensor

All cities in the state of Texas now require a Rain/Freeze sensor that will stop your sprinkler from running on rainy or freezing days.

We install top-of-the-line wireless Rain/Freeze sensors. This device is wired into your present sprinkler controller. The other part of the device is intalled on the outside of the house. Usually on the gutter or the eave of the house within 30 feet of the controller.

The device stops the sprinkler from coming on when there is 1/8" of rain or the temperature drops below 34 degrees. As the sensor dries out or the termperature rises, the controller will automatically go back into normal operation.

Backflow Testing

All city and state plumbing codes require the installation and testing of a backflow prevention device wherever a permanent irrigation system is connected to a municipal water supply.

This device is designed to protect both your and your neighbors drinking water.

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